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Just 4 children - Amelia rose wants to walk, you can follow on facebook!

 Amelia-Rose is a very strong, determined and always smiling 4 year old from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire 

 Please help Just4Children raise £100,000 to fund Amelia-Roses’s life changing SDR operation and the equipment and therapy required afterwards.


Chan-Dog’s VibeVan (#CDVibeVan on Facebook and Instagram) has been set up to spread peace, love and positive vibes and mental health awareness by connecting to people through music.

If you want to find out more about Robs self funded campaign selling Donald Trump toilet paper then head on over to the Chan-Dog website or follow on facebook @CDVibeVan

After a wind warning at a show, the wind ripped through chan-dogs stall so we cleared the end of our vape stand and set him up there, what a great weekend