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Story so far & VW scene

Story so far

This year has been an amazing year for us so far  with the launch into the VW shows

We love everything about the VW scene and the amazing people we meet, we have aquired a close family unit with some traders and if you have seen us you will know who they are as we are always in the same line next to each other.

Even better than our VW family traders, we have met so many customers and would like to think of you as part of our VW family especialy those of you who just hang around our stall and vape with us just because you want to and want to talk to us about everyday things and general chat, THANK to you all

Hope to see you at the next show

Huge thanks to our followers in the VW scene and all our followers on social media

ATB - Mike & Stu & the Huffs.N.Puffs crew